Whitebit trading tournament » Win 1 BTC for free

WhiteBIT is a crypto exchange platform.

Join Whitebit trading tournament and win amazing prizes without risking your funds!

You can win prizes in BTC:

1st place — 0.5 BTC
2nd place — 0.3 BTC
3rd place — 0.1 BTC
4th place — 0.06 BTC
5th place — 0.04 BTC

…as well as one of 245 rewards from 100 000 MATIC prize pool:

6–20 places — 1000 MATIС
21–40 places — 750 MATIС
41–60 places— 650 MATIС
61–90 places— 500 MATIС
91–120 places — 350 MATIС
121–160 places — 300 MATIС
161–205 places— 250 MATIС
206–250 places— 200 MATIС

The rewards are given out every week and at the end of the tournament within 72 hours after the post with the results.

The tournament ends on the 10th of August. The results will be announced within seven days after the end of the tournament.

How to join the race for Bitcoins?
  • Get your Demo Tokens (here’s how)
  • Start trading the DBTC/DUSDT pair and get to the top of the leaderboard

The participant who has increased their starting capital the most wins.

❗️The participants are ranked based on the amount of profit they’ve made since the start of the tournament.❗️

Here’s how it works:

At the beginning of the tournament, User #1 had 1000 DUSDT, while User #2 had 500 DUSDT. By the end of the tournament, User #1 has 2000 DUSDT (profit is 1000 DUSDT), while User #2 has 1800 DUSDT (profit is 1300 DUSDT). This means that User #2 becomes the leader because he has made more profit during the tournament.

You need to be signed up to join the competition.

❗️Pay attention that after the registration you need to get back to the Tournament page and click “Join now”. Otherwise, you won’t be considered a participant. The button should look like this if you did everything correctly:

What’s DEMO Token?

Demo Token is a free tool that helps you to get to know our exchange, try Limit, Market, Stop-Limit, Stop-Market & Conditional Orders, save your real money, and learn to trade like a pro!

Is it free to participate in the tournament?

Yes, it’s completely free. During the tournament, you’ll only be trading our DEMO Tokens that are free for everyone. However, the rewards for the winners are given out in BTC, USDT & MATIC.

Are there any bonuses?

Yes, there are. You can get extra DBTC to get on top of the leaderboard for:

  • KYC verification:

+ 0.05 DBTC after your KYC is approved.

  • Bringing a referral:

+ 0.01 DBTC for every registered user who passed KYC;

+ 0.05 DBTC for every 5th referral.

The bonus counts only if your referral successfully completes 10 orders.

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