Trybal Network Airdrop » Receive 500 Trybal (TRY) Tokens Free

Trybal network (TRY) is a token that You can claim for free every 24 hours. The name has been chosen because they want to use it to encourage people to “try” new things, like owning a crypto token to start with but also to learn more about what they can do with it.

Step-by-Step guide:

  • Signup on the website Trybal network.
  • Log in and click on “Claim” and circle the “Claim button”.
  • Click on “Get +10% with Keybase” and enter your keybase username.
  • Now you will receive a message from the trybal bot on keybase, you have to click on the link.
  • Now go the website and click on “Wallet” and click on “clicking here”
  • Receive 62.5 TRY from each referral’s Welcome Bonus!

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