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Bittrex & Klaytn Airdrop » Participate in a $ 10,000 KLAY token giveaway

All users who have completed Klaytn Social tasks are eligible to split the KLAY token prize pool in the amount of USD 10,000. By the end of the event, rewards will be distributed to all eligible users’ Klaytn wallets. To claim their rewards, members must submit their Klaytn wallet address to the Blockzone User Center prior to the closing of the event.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Sign up on the Blockzone and complete KYC
  • Then you must register on the Bittrex Global official website and complete KYC (In order to get airdrop awards, participants need to submit their Bittrex Global account Email in the Blockzone event dashboard before this event closes).
  • Join Klaytn Telegram ($0.5 in KLAY)
  • Follow Klaytn’s Twitter ($0.5 in KLAY)
  • Join Bittrex Global Telegram ($0.5 in KLAY)
  • Follow Bittrex Global Twitter ($0.5 in KLAY)

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