Ispolink Airdrop » Earn up to 3300 ISP tokens ($ 5) free

Ispolink has begun building the blockchain based product that will bring value to businesses saving them considerable time and resources. Ispolink actively seeking partners to join and try out theair solution. Complete the following tasks to earn up to 3300 ISP tokens ($ 5).

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Start Telegram Bot
  • Join on Telegram group.(Mandatory + 800 ISP)
  • Follow on Twitter and Retweet post. (Mandatory + 800 ISP)
  • Visit Ispolink website and sign up for newsletter.(Optional + 900 ISP)
  • Join our Advertiser Telegram Channel.(Optional + 800 ISP)
  • You can get 200 ISP tokens for each referral.
  • Airdrop tokens will be distributed after IEO.

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