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Horizen is building a technology platform with optional privacy features that aims to enable an application-rich and inclusive ecosystem to provide people with freedom and everyday usability.

Horizen Faucet was created as a tool for community growth, providing an easy bridge between new users and our ecosystem. The Faucet rewards you with ZEN, offering an easy and free way for you to receive and send your first transactions. It will also give you the opportunity to start exploring and learning with awesome products, for free!

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Register on Horizen faucet website
  • Verify your email
  • Submit ZEN wallet address (create ZEN address here)
  • Win 50000 to 60000 Satoshis every 20 hours
  • Earn 20% extra Faucet rewards when you use Brave browser
  • Invite friends and earn a special Bonus round for every referral.
  • After using the faucet for five consecutive days in a row, you’re eligible for a ZEN bonus round that can award up to 1 ZEN!

On the upper part of the screen you will have a star counter that would start filling as soon as you start claiming. Each consecutive daily claim will accumulate a star (between 20-30 hours apart from your last claim). Once the star count reaches 5 stars, you can claim the Bonus Round.

Star Counter rules:

  • For each consecutive day of claiming ZEN in our Faucet, you accumulate a star and your claimed reward is multiplied by a defined value depending on your star level:
    Day 2: 1.2 x Reward
    Day 3: 1.4 x Reward
    Day 4: 1.6 x Reward
    Day 5: 1.8 x Reward + Bonus Round
    Day 6: 2 x Reward
  • Bonus round will remain active after the fifth consecutive day, it is important to consider that Bonus Rounds are not accruable, this means that in order to claim it successfully you will need to play it before accumulating again the five stars.
  • After the claiming of Day 6, the star counter will reset to zero. Missing a consecutive day would also reset the star counter to zero.

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