Earn 15 MBOX tokens everyday – Earnings prizes in MBOX tokens

At the moment, there are three games on the MOBOX platform where you can earn MBOX tokens without investing anything – SimpleTrade, Bull vs Bear and LeverageMania. To start playing, you need to register here with reference to your mail and phone number.

MBOX tokens can be obtained as a prize at the end of each round of games if you rank in the Top 150

Rounds last 24 hours in Bull vs Bear and LeverageMania, and 72 hours in SimpleTrade. That is, in two games you can test your strength and luck every day, and every day you will have a chance to win up to $ 300.


Create your portfolio of cryptocurrencies for 1 million virtual dollars, sell and buy. If you can increase your portfolio in three days more than other players, you will get to the top. It’s nice that even for 150th place you can get tokens.

Bull vs Bear

This is the simplest game. It is necessary to predict the bitcoin rate of bitcoin on a minute chart. There are 20 attempts per round of 2 minutes duration and 5 extensions for 30 seconds.

Two buttons: red to open a deal for a fall in the rate, green – for an increase. The more jumps in the right direction, the more points. The first place is usually taken with 60+ points. You can use trading tools in parallel, but you can rely entirely on luck and your instinct.

Leverage Mania

There are three attempts, each for 2 minutes. 10,000 candy wrappers are given, we trade them with a huge leverage that increases with each attempt. You can open and close a deal as much as you like. Monsters in the top make 12 million.

The site also has a game MOMO Farmer, where you can stake, farm, buy / sell and upgrade NFT, participate in the lottery, etc. But this is already with the investment of money and requires a separate topic, so I do not consider this here.

At the moment, the price of the token is about $ 8, and the reward for the first place without investments and risks looks very attractive.
Important! The minimum withdrawal is 50 MBOX.

The games are really interesting, and you can learn to trade on it.

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