DeFiLend Protocol Airdrop » Get free 150 DFN (~$15,00) value for joining

DeFiLend is a Decentralized lending marketplace to securely borrow and lend digital assets through smart-contracts.
DeFiLend provides the ability to borrow a range of top 50 ERC-20 tokens. Users transact either peer-to-peer or with an open-source smart contract. DeFiLend is not a lender and not a party to a transaction, but rather an interface where borrowers and lenders can discover each other and transact on the Ethereum blockchain.

Step-by-Step guide:

  • Join the Airdrop by using the Telegram Bot
  • Join Telegram Group
  • Join Telegram Announcement Channel
  • Follow & Share the pined from our socials channels and upload the screenshot. One share is necessary to qualify you.
  • Submit your ERC20 wallet to receive the airdrop tokens.
  • You can get 25 DFN for each referral.

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