Bithumb Global & FIO Protocol Airdrop » Earn up to 5,000 FIO (~$750)

The FIO protocol is a delegated proof of the blockchain stake, which serves as a usability protocol that serves as a standard between wallets, exchanges, cryptographic payment processors and any other cryptographic user applications that process the workflow, data and transaction confirmations in other blockchains.

The FIO protocol and BitMax jointly reset a total of 700,000 FIO coins. Create a BitMax account, answer simple questions on the Airdrop page to get an equal share of the Airdrop pool. Also, take part in the prize draw to win extra rewards from the total pool of 500,000 FIO coins.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Signup on Bithumb Global and complete KYC LV 2.
  • Then open this website
  • Scroll down and fill the form along with quiz.
  • Now click on the blue “Proceed for more FIO Tokens” button.
  • Complete the Twitter & Telegram tasks and fill the 2nd form.

Quiz Answers:

1. What is the FIO Protocol?
Ans: A usability layer integrated into crypto products.

2. What does a FIO Address do?
Ans: Replace the need to view/use public addresses.

3. Which of the following is TRUE about FIO Requests?
Ans: FIO Requests can include FIO Data.


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