(SKAM) Bithub Network Bounty – Earn up to 0.5 BTC for promoting BitHub

Bounty is an award for promoting BitHub on social networks, as well as various crypto forums (BitcoinTalk). For each repost or comment you will receive your reward. Maximum reward of as much as 0.5 BTC!

So where do you start? And we will start by registering on the Bithub Network website. To do this, we need to fill in the data (mail, your username and password). Also, do not forget to add your Bitcoin wallet to receive a bounty reward (you can get it in the Trust Wallet application). Done!

You can begin to complete the tasks.

There are a lot of tasks on BitHub. From simple tasks to Facebook, Twitter, VK, etc. (make repost / comment) to more complex ones (writing articles, recording video about the project, posting messages on BitcoinTalk).

For each job there are minimum requirements – the presence of friends / subscribers from social networks. For Facebook, this is 500 friends, Twitter – 300, Vk can be completed with only 200 friends. Also, do not forget to add the hashtags #BitHub, #BitHubNetwork, #Bitcoin to each post, otherwise you won’t get a reward.


Then everything is simple – fill out the google form in which you need to specify the data (links to the repost, to your page in the social network, telegram username, number of friends and name from the platform) and we are waiting for our reward for tasks! Once you have received the award, you can safely display it in the Account tab. Go to your account and click Withdraw.

Last, but not least, is the referral system. The principle of this system – you invite friends to perform tasks to promote the BitHub Network platform just like you and get a percentage of their reward. For completing tasks by your referrals, you will receive a reward in the amount of 7% – 2% of their rewards. The rewards of your referrals can be viewed in your account in the Referral History tab.
Payments for referrals occur once a week.

Step-by-Step Guide:

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