Bankiom Airdrop » Invite your first referral to earn $20

Bankiom a new kind of bank – One that cares and believes in your future; a bank that is global, effortless and financially empowering.

Bankiom is a digital-only bank, an alternative to complex traditional banking that provides all its banking facilities online and through app platforms on mobile and tablets. This is the only bank that puts you first. We work for you and with you to grow and manage your money 24 hrs a day and from anywhere in the world.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Go to the Bankiom Airdrop page.
  • Submit your details and sign up.
  • Your will get your referral link. Invite your first referral to earn $20.
  • hereafter you can earn $5 for every referral.
  • When Bankiom goes live and your friend opens their Bankiom account, your credit will automatically appear inside your account.
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